Retro Flame Favourites: My Top 5 Photo Editing App...

Retro Flame Favourites: My Top 5 Photo Editing Apps


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Ever since I got my first iPhone nearly three years ago, I’ve been utterly obsessed with Instagram and all photography app’s in general. Long gone are the days where users just use the Instagram filters alone because now, there are some amazing photo-editing apps on offer. If you follow me on Instagram (@retroflame) you’ll know that I nearly always post about 3-4 times a day. It is by far my favourite social media channel -it’s the first thing I check in the morning and the last thing at night -so subsequently I’m always on the search for apps to make my photos looks nicer. Some of you have wrote to me or commented asking what apps I usually use, so I’ve put together this post to show you my favourite 5 photo-editing apps. I go through phases, but at the moment these are my most used!


1. Afterlight

This is an app I use very regularly. It has a fantastic range of filters, really good light leaks and also very cool frames (hearts, circles, etc.). It’s beautifully designed, so so easy to use and you will literally spend hours trying out all the different options. Tip: Try out no.25 in the “Light Leak’ section -love using this effect.

Afterlight App




This app is one that has really improved. I love it’s selection of filters -especially ‘Marshmallow’ in the Classics section. It’s also very well known for it’s ‘Bokeh’ effect, which you can find in the “Light’ section. In my opinion, it’s definitely the photo-editing app with the best ‘Light Effect’ options.

Picfx App



3. Studio

I just recently came across this app, after a friend of mine recommended it.  This iPhone app allows you to create professional looking images with overlays that can be great to use on Instagram and Pinterest. Below are some images I have created so far. I’m really looking forward to using this more in the future!

Studio Design App


Studio Design App



4. Squaready

This little gem of an app will become your biggest lifesaver when it comes to making photos fit correctly into Instagram. Have you ever had a full-length photo that was too long for Instagram and ended up chopping off half of you? Well this is your answer to fit the full photo in. It allows you to add borders either above or alongside the photo so that you don’t have to crop the photo for Instagram. You definitely won’t regret downloading this one! Some examples below.

Squaready App


Erika Fox



5. Beautiful Mess

Lastly, we have ‘A Beautiful Mess’ -the app which is definitely the most fun! This is a photo & video app which allows users to take or upload photos, and add filters, borders, text, doodles and phrases like “adventure,” “enjoy,” “fancy,” and “happy day,” etc.  This is a huge blogger favourite and it’s very easy to see why!

Beautiful Mess App


I hope you’ve found this helpful and I’d love for you to add your favourites in the comment section below. I’m always open to new suggestions too! Also, this type of “Retro Flame Favourites” post is a new addition to the blog -so if you’d like to see similar ones, just let me know :)

Have a great week!

Stylishly Yours,

Erika x


  1. Sylvia

    11 November

    Very nice and helpful post.

    ♡ Would be happy if you check out mine too ♡

  2. Logan

    12 November

    I’d definitely like to see more “Retro Flame Favorites” :)

  3. Zee

    12 November

    Thanks for this post Erika! Delighted to get some great reccommendations xxx

  4. Dani

    12 November

    Great tips, I want to download the studio app and the squareready is a lifesaver, can’t believe I hadn’t heard of it !
    Love Dani xx

  5. HenBox

    13 May

    Such a great post! We love your suggestions! x

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