Trend Watch: Tulle Skirts

Carrie Bradshaw: Queen of Tulle

I’m not going to lie, if I could dress in tulle skirts every day I would. The girliness, the colours, the texture, the drama and of course…the ‘poofyness’. Why wouldn’t you want to dress like this everyday? I have my eye on a baby blue one at the moment and hopefully it’s going to be mine very very soon. I plan on jeweling it, just like the one in the 3rd picture above….so keep you eyes peeled for a (poofy) outfit post.

Hope you’re all having a lovely week (and surviving this CRAZY cold weather)!

Stylishly yours,

Erika x

  1. Alison Phelan

    23 January

    I love these skirts! They look great on everyone! The green one is my favourite! Sure every girl wants to be Carrie Bradshaw! Love this

  2. xchristybx

    23 January

    tulle skirts are my absolute favourite! x

  3. Lia

    23 January

    I have a beautiful mint one like the skirt of carries ‘book party’ dress in SATC! Dying to wear it again!

  4. Sophie Lioe

    24 January

    Love this! Who’s the girl in the black crop top in the last and 3rd last photo? She’s very cool!

  5. Maggie Adofo

    25 January

    My initial thought was yikes, Tulle skirts :x but the photos are soo chic!

    Love Scrapbook

  6. Blau von T

    25 January

    Oh Carrie…

  7. effortlesscool

    25 January

    so in love with this fun trend!

    XO Sahra

  8. Love this Erika! My fave type of look too! I am on the lookout for a eggshell blue or mint one or mocha one if anyone has seen one I would love ye forever xoxo

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