StealMyStyle -Rail Sale & Fashion Event

StealMyStyle -Rail Sale & Fashion Event

Whether you just want to clear out your own wardrobe to make room for more treasures 
or you are a boutique owner or designer, we have the event for you….

The ‘StealMyStyle -Rail Sale & Fashion Event’: A Style Lover’s Paradise where you can buy & sell pre-loved and new items!

I’ve teamed up with fellow blogger & stylist, Nessa Cotter from Life Lust Haves, to organize an event where you can come along & either sell some pre-loved clothes, shop for new ones…or of course, do both! As you all know, I’m a huge fan of thrift and vintage shopping-so these kind of events are like heaven to me. It’s been on my mind for a while now to organize something like this (especially after seeing amazing events in NYC) & I’m honestly so so excited!

I’ve attended a few similar versions in the past and I have picked up some absolute gems for amazing prices. As I mentioned a while back, I had planned on selling some of my pre-loved clothes, accessories, shoes, etc. through my blog. So I’m delighted now to be able to bring them along to this event & I myself will have my own rail of items on the night. As well as all the rails, we will also have a “Beauty Corner”, lots of music and some lovely models showcasing some of the pieces on offer. 

So we would love for you to join us at: 

The Roxy Night Club, South Main Street in Cork on Thursday November 29th from 6-10pm,  

If you would like to reserve your space for this fantastic event, then please email us at for more details. 

Or if 

you would prefer to just relax and enjoy a night of shopping, entry is free!

To help all you sellers get ready for the event, here are my Top 10 Tips on clearing out your wardrobe:

#1: Just start. Do 10 minutes a day, or 10 garments a day, but just begin. 
#2: Keep items that make you smile. Keepers are pieces you wear a lot, that fit you well, that you absolutely love without hesitation, and make you feel confident. 
#3: If any item causes you stress, let it go. These include pieces that are hard to pair with others to create an outfit and pieces that do not fit you anymore.
#4: If you haven’t worn it for 1 year, it’s time to say goodbye. Easier said than done, I know, but trust me you don’t need it if you don’t wear it!
#5: Keep the classics or forget them? It depends on you. Are you the kind of person to wear the little black dress or the white collared interview shirt? If not, there is no sense in keeping them because you won’t wear them anyway. We are not building a “should” wardrobe here. Own your own style.
#6: Create a “yes”, “no” & “maybe” pile. Use your gut instinct to make the initial sort. The “maybe” pile takes the pressure off of having to decide immediately.
#7: Decide if there are any pieces in your wardrobe that have potential to look good again. If you can think of a way of adding some DIY magic, keep onto it. You’d be surprised what a few jewels could do to an old top/skirt/jacket, etc.
#8: Now face The Maybe Pile. Sift through and ask yourself, “Do I love this?” & “Will I wear it?” Be honest. If either is a “no,” it’s time to let go.
#9: Organize your clothes in a way that makes them easy to find. Ideas: organize by color, by type of garment (dresses, skirts, jackets), by season, or by frequency of wear. 
#10: Maintain your work. So you’ve spent 2 whole days clearing out your wardrobe. You’re finally done and all the blood, sweat and tears are behind you? No. To ensure all your hard work wasn’t for nothing, you have to maintain your wardrobe and do mini revamps every couple of months. It WILL be worth it!

And if it gets a little difficult, just take a look at these amazing wardrobes for some inspiration….

Don’t forget to like StealMyStyle on Facebook or follow us on Twitter
We will be posting little previews during the next few weeks of the items which will be on sale. 

Looking forward to seeing you on Nov 29th!

Stylishly yours,

Erika x

  1. carmel Daly

    13 November

    Love it Erika xx

  2. Rusiá

    13 November

    i really needed this post! great tips xx

  3. Holly

    13 November

    Oh I wish I lived in Ireland so that I could come this sounds amazing! Have a great time :) Your tips are super helpful and I love all of the photo’s too they’re so inspiring!
    Love Holly x

  4. Emma

    14 November

    Definitely going! We dont have enough of this kinda thing in Ireland (well not in Munster anyway!) Super excited :)

  5. Maggie Adofo

    14 November

    Oh this definitely sounds like a fine idea! I hope someone comes up with something like this in my area!


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