Internship Diary: Whitney Port at NYFW

Internship Diary: Whitney Port at NYFW

Hey everyone! I’m really excited to finally be able to show you all the pictures from my internship with Whitney Port at New York Fashion Week. I’ve been back in Ireland for about 3 weeks now & wanted to let the whole experience sink in before I attempted to write it all down. Over the last few weeks, I’ve been remembering different things that I experienced while I was completing the internship, so by waiting a little while before sharing it with you has hopefully ensured that I haven’t forgotten anything. Throughout the internship, I was keeping a little diary on my iPhone & reading back over it today has made it all seem very real indeed. I received a few strange looks in the library earlier on today as I was laughing away to myself remembering the funny details from the week. One which really caught my attention was remembering Kelly Cutrone leaving the studio on the morning of the show, after a meeting with Whitney -saying “Goodbye Children of Fashion & Love -Good job everyone!!” I felt like I genuinely was on an episode of the hills.
Whitney, along with her team were such an amazing group of people to work with & I can’t even begin to describe how much I learned. Since I’ve returned home, the main question I’v been asked is, what was she like? Besides the fact that she is unbelievably beautiful (and tall), she is also an extremely down-to-earth “normal” girl. I woke up one morning to an email from her asking did I want her to pick up a coffee for me on her way to the studio. Whitney Port asking ME did I want a coffee. That’s one email that I will never be deleting. One of the main things that stood out to me was when I asked her, the day before the show, was she nervous ? Her reply was, “No, not at all. It’s just a fashion show & it will all be fine”. This sentence summed her up for me. A confident, laid-back & positive person who takes it all in her stride. She also explained to me a few times throughout the week that she would never be able to work in a tense environment & that she tried as much as possible to keep it as calm as she could. I really appreciated her look on things & I think her success proves that being a nice person brings you a long way in this industry. Her & her younger sister, Paige make an amazing team & I can honestly say that it was a pleasure to intern with them.
At Fashion Night Out
I interned with Whitney during the week before her NYFW show, so as you can imagine it was busy to say the least. I met her for the first time at the hotel they were staying in & was immediately given a job to do -which was totally expected. My task was to pick up different items around the city that we would need during the week. The fact that I’m obviously not from New York meant that figuring out where exactly I was going to find these things was definitely not going to be the easiest thing I would ever do. So naturally, I made a quick dash to Starbucks on my way -to prevent any type of panic attack that was about to occur and to make a plan. It’s funny too that they have a lot of things in America that we have no idea about. Let me give you an example -I was asked to get things like “goo gone” & “foam core”. They honestly might as well have been speaking a different language to me -but thankfully, I figured it all out in the end. Of course there were a lot of errands to be ran, but as well as this I got the opportunity to witness so many interesting parts of the preparation for a fashion week show. I was able to work with the stylist of the show and see exactly how she put the looks together, I saw many beautiful models walk through the door for castings, I assisted with the fittings and even got to fit 3 outfits myself. As things were so busy before the show, I didn’t get the chance to take a lot of pictures. But here are 3 which kind of sum up my internship duties.
1. Delivering Whitney Eve pieces across town for an event

2.Stocking up on supplies
3. My Lifesaver Shop -Manhattan Wardrobe Supply.
It genuinely has everything -even ‘goo gone’! When I was asked to pick up some last minute things asap, this store saved me. Fellow NYC interns, you NEED to know about this store.
Of course, all this preparation and hard work was leading up to something and that something was the day I got to work backstage at NYFW. The morning of the show was busy as there are always last minutes bits to be done. When everything was finished at the studio, we made our way over to the Lincoln Centre where the show was taking place. We set up backstage & I began steaming all of the clothes for the show. It was amazing to see how organized everything was & it showed me that if you have a good team of people behind you, anything is possible. It also showed me how much I LOVE working backstage at fashion shows. I’ll admit it can be stressful, but equally as satisfying when it all comes together. Here are a few behind the scene snaps:
Outfit Sequence
Running Order
Watching rehearsals from backstage
Jo Zee from The City
Watching from Backstage
Jess (The producer of The Hills & The City) & I.
Kelly Cutrone -what a woman!!
Also, here are some photos of the show taken by Rebekah Schott. How amazing did it look?

As things were so busy, I wasn’t able to do proper outfit posts throughout the week & I also didn’t have anyone to take the photos for me. But I managed to capture some of my outfits just by taking mirror shots. I usually hate these type of photos, but I really wanted to show you the type of looks I was wearing. The quality of the pictures isn’t amazing, but hey at least it’s something. I needed to be comfortable as there was a lot of running around the city, but also stylish. I didn’t wear overly fancy things because the environment I was working in was quite laid back which I loved. Here’s a look at some of my outfits & accessories…

So there you have it -all the details from one of my most exciting weeks to date! I really hope you liked this post? It’s quite a long one I know, but I wanted to try my best to share my experiences in the most realistic & personal way as possible.
Hopefully this is all the beginning of some very exciting future opportunities!
P.S….My Retro Flame Facebook Page hit 2000 likes yesterday!! So I’d like to say a big THANK YOU to everyone who has liked it so far <3
Stylishly yours,
Erika x

  1. Tilly-Jayne

    9 October

    Such an interesting post! Whitney sounds lovely, I miss the hills! xx

  2. Eric’s this looks amazing :) I am soooooo jealous :)

  3. It sounds like such an amazing experience! “goo-gone” is possibly the funniest sounding thing ever x

  4. Dani

    9 October

    looks like an amazing experience ! well done xx

  5. Sinead

    9 October

    Amazing to hear about the experience x

  6. Blau von T

    9 October

    ah looks amazing..loving your bling btw!

  7. Saibh Egan

    10 October

    LAdy, you rock x

  8. Ruth Lalliankimi

    10 October

    I loved reading this post, looked like such an amazing experience. Well done :D

  9. Toni

    11 October

    I love working backstage at fashion shows to :) This all sounds very exciting, well done!! xx

  10. Marilou

    15 October

    oh my god It feels like The City all over again! What an amazing experience you had. Whitney seems like such a sweet person

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