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Recently, I’ve been thinking a a lot about designing a new little home office for myself. There’s a lot of exciting projects happening for me in the next few months & I’m going to need an inspiring & creative area to work from. I love the idea of moodboards on the walls, quirky furniture, interesting lighting & playful stationary. I’m confident that it can be achieved very inexpensively by using a little imagination/DIY…and I’ll be sure to show you the end result. If you have any suggestions, I’d love to hear all about them?
Have a great Thursday!
Styishly yours,
Erika x

  1. Lovely! I have a few ideas as I am still updating my own office! First of all, always keep a candle handy to give off a nice smell and cleanse the space of all the radiation that comes off the laptop, phone etc. Get a nice rug for under the desk cause I find, in Ireland, the footsies get cold pretty fast! I also really like the idea of this shabby chic board because you don’t have to stick pins in the pictures you put up! Gonna have a look for something similar on ebay. Good luck with your office!

  2. Saibh Egan

    4 October

    Two Words: Apartment Therapy

    Im LIVING on AT at the moment.. new home, here I come !

  3. Blau von T

    6 October

    I’m addicted to chalkboard paint looks myself x

  4. Dani

    9 October

    I love moodboards so definitely one of them is a must. Plus I keep a notebook next my bed as sometimes I come up with ideas at night and if I dont write them down I forget by the morning ! So a big note book. Looking forward to reading your post about NYC and the internship with Whitney Port :) Love Dani xx

  5. Jean Devane

    16 October

    You should make youtube like celebrity make up tutorials and hair tutorials and OOTD and vlogs :) x

  6. Inspiration in your office, working with inspiration makes a person work happily and with good mood. but not make it overdone it may be look like dirty for some reasons. a good place would be clean and have a good ambiance like in commercial office space makati

  7. You have very interesting inspirations. The fourth photo is what I think would be more convenient for your needs. It’s good for both big and small spaces. There are hanging papers on the walls which you can turn into a mood board, which I think is cool, and it has plants on the side that can give a positive and refreshing energy while at work. The comfortable and stylish chair is the main highlight. I hope you can decide which ones would look best for your space!

    Clayton Steadham

  8. Tammie Teeter

    21 March

    Your office pictures are absolutely inspirational! If I had the chance to work on one of those rooms, I’m sure I’ll be able to fully concentrate on what I’m doing. It just has this aura that can really motivate anyone to work.
    Tammie Teeter

  9. Nikki Benz

    24 March

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