NYFW Day 4: Street Style

NYFW Day 4: Street Style

Yesterday, I had a free hour & so paid a visit to the Lincoln Centre, where the majority of the fashion week shows take place. I had my camera on hand & so captured a few of my favorite outfits to share with you here on my blog. I also got snapped by a few photographers myself (which was VERY cool) -including a photographer from Seventeen Magazine!  Have a look & enjoy…
Olivia from
I also spotted Paris & Nicky Hilton on two occasions -outside the Empire Hotel & at the entrance of the Lincoln Centre. They were extremely hard to miss due to their clashing outfits & the frenzy of photographers surrounding them!
It really is so refreshing and interesting to finally see, in person, all the outfits I usually only come across on the likes of Tumblr & Pinterest. The attention to detail, the colours & the prints -it’s breath-taking to say the least! Be sure to let me know what your favorite look is?
Happy Monday!
Stylishly yours,
Erika x

  1. Hannah

    10 September

    how cool is this!?!?!?!!

  2. Helen

    10 September

    Great shots, I can’t choose a favourite, they’re all very different but equally fabulous!

  3. SpRoGgA

    10 September

    Wow!! What stylish yet brilliant outfits!! xXx

  4. Jen

    10 September

    wow, great outfits.

    J x

  5. Luna

    13 September

    Hey Erika!

    So lovely meeting you that day! Thank you for snapping my photo and featuring it in your post!


  6. Sionan

    14 September

    I love how there’s a mashup of people wearing full on vintage and others in high fashion. It’s a perfect blend and you can see how neither takes precedence over the other.


  7. Izzaura

    18 September

    wow, amazing photos! you have captured the best!

    cheers, izzaura

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