Recent NYC Purchases

It must be said that I’m doing quite a lot of shopping over here, but my God it’s seriously hard not to! Everywhere you go around the city, there’s some cute little corner shop or a gem of a thrift store. Here’s a look at my most recent purchases…..
I got these 3 pair of sunnies for $15. Sunglasses are something you can never have enough of, especially in this city.

I went a tad bit crazy Make-up shopping on Sunday, in Sephora & MAC. I absolutely swear by the MAC foundation brush, I had my last one for nearly 2 years. I’m so happy now to have a brand new one :) I also invested in a Makeup Forever blusher brush & I really like it so far. I have worn MAC foundation for the last few years, but have recently been finding it way too heavy, so I decided to try the Makeup Forever one instead. It’s a bit more expensive but my skin does feel a lot better this week. Also, what do you think of these glitter ombre nail wraps? I cannot wait to try them!
 I got this bag at Hell’s Kitchen Market a few weeks ago on sale for $10.

If I’ve learned one thing in this city, it’s that you NEED a comfortable pair of shoes! So I picked up these cute ones for $9. 
This Friday is mine & Tommy’s (my boyfriend) anniversary, so for my present I got to go to my favourite vintage store & pick out a few things I liked. Easy for him & heaven for me ! So I picked up the following pieces along with a few more items that I didn’t get a chance to photograph yet…

The picture quality isn’t the best because I took the photos really late last night, but at least you’ll get an idea :) Here’s a look at me wearing the skirt today at work..
I’m going to an Intern Event tonight, so I figured this skirt would be perfect! Apparently, there are over 1000 interns attending, so it will be a great opportunity to meet some new people. I’ll be tweeting from the event -so if you want to see how it goes check out my twitter profile HERE.
Hope you’re all having a nice week :)
Stylishly yours,
Erika x

  1. Nicola

    31 July

    You bought such lovely things!

  2. LOVE the toirtoise shell sunnies and the vintage dress is amazing! =)

  3. Your purchases look amazing! Can’t wait for some outfit shots x

  4. Gillybean

    1 August

    ha, this is too funny! i own the black dress with the gold top too! got it in a thrift shop here in toronto. ‘one of a kind’ sometimes does not apply to vintage!!

  5. Saibh Egan

    1 August

    If I ever find a young’un who can pull off vintage the way you do Ill be surprised! It all just suits you soooo much! x

  6. amazing purchases! Love all the sunglasses! :)

  7. koko mo

    16 August

    aw those florally shoes!! WHEREE did you get them? they are so adorable!

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