NYC Photo Diary #3

Here is #3 of my NYC Photo Diaries :) I find that they are the best way to show you what I’ve been up to, so hopefully you are enjoying them. This diary is featuring three different places I went in the last week. The first was a Chanel, “Little Black Jacket” Exhibition. It featured many celebs & well known figures wearing the famous Chanel jacket….& at the end of it, we got 3 free posters :)

I LOVE this !

On the same day, I went to the “Acne” store on Greene Street. It had just newly opened a few days before, so the interiors (& of course the clothes) were amazing ! I have been obsessed with Acne shoes for so long now, I’m promising myself a pair in the near future ! 

Then last night I went to my first NYC Fashion Event !! I went with Sara, the press officer & creative director at the company I’m interning at. It was at a really cool store called, “Story”. It’s a concept store which showcases the work of really interesting designers & the whole store changes ever 4 weeks which is such a great idea ! It was an event which was held in collaboration with the very popular website, Coolhunting. It was interesting to see how the events work over here & even more interesting to see the people who attend these events – One of them being Ralph Laurens’ Son !! It took me a while to get my head around the fact that I was actually at the same event as someone like him. Every single time you leave your house here in NYC, you honestly have to expect the unexpected. Did I mention before that I NEVER WANT TO LEAVE !? :)

It’s really warm over here today, so we are off to Coney Island in the next hour. I’m really excited just to chill out on the beach today & do nothing ! Apparently, it’s really nice down there so I’ll definitely take some photos for the next photo diary :)
Hope your week is going great !
Stylishly yours,
Erika x

  1. loving your dairys! actually feel like im in nyc with you haha, glad your having a great time:) XX

  2. Lisa

    20 June

    Great photos! Love your photo diarys.

  3. Pip

    20 June

    These photos are so great! Looks like an amazing time! xx, Pip

  4. Maggie ☮

    20 June

    Super exciting! :)

  5. Dani

    21 June

    looks like your having an amazing experience ! Loving the ACNE shoes as well, Love dani xxx

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