NYC Photo Diary #2

Hey everyone, I can’t believe it’s only now I’m getting a chance to blog again, but being honest I think I’ve just been having too much fun over here to sit down in front of a laptop! However, I am tweeting, instagramming (@retroflame) & updating my Facebook Page regularly with my iPhone, so I guess I’m not doing too bad. It’s going really great over here so far & I’ve so much to tell you that I kinda don’t know where to start! But here goes anyway… On Tuesday I began my internship :) I won’t lie, I was a little nervous but I honestly couldn’t have loved it more than I did. I was just there for a couple of hours to get introduced to everyone, to get to know my way around the office, & just to get an overall introduction to what exactly I would be doing for the Summer…& trust me it all sounds really exciting. Tomorrow will be my first full day there, so I’m excited to see what I’ll get up to. Also, there’s a very big possibility that I will be here in NY until mid September as I’m going to be working with the company at New York Fashion Week !! Pretty cool, huh? More to come on that in the next few weeks :)
So below is what I was wearing on Tuesday. I actually had a waistcoat & boots on while I was there, this shot was just taken later on that evening after a long & VERY hot day in NY. I still adore this pleated skirt that I got in H&M in London, I love it’s vibrancy & it’s very “New York”.
I also have some other cool news from Tuesday -just after I left the office, I was wandering around some street in Soho & got spotted by a street style photographer. She was taking shots for a website & I’m going to be featured on it in the next few days :) I’ll post a link once it’s published.
As I was in Soho, I made a little trip to Topshop NY too. It was fab & there was about 7 pairs of shoes that I wanted to buy…but unfortunately, it looks like it’s a bit of a rip off over here. I guess in a way it’s kind of a good thing because at least it will stop me from purchasing. I just don’t think I could justify paying higher prices when I know I can the same items for cheaper at home. But nonetheless, it was lovely to see it !

Since Tuesday, we’ve had a chance to do some more exploring around Manhattan & I’ve loved every minute of it so far. Yesterday, we went in search of the famous Magnolia Bakery near West Village. This bakery has appeared on Sex & the city & in numerous top Magazines & Newspapers…..& the minute I stepped inside the door I could see why. It’s the most adorable little bakery :) We got some cupcakes & iced coffee (which I’m now addicted to) & sat in the park across from it. It was such a lovely area to just sit & relax in & I think it may have been my favorite few hours in NY so far. 

…& while sitting in the park, this was what I had a view of… (not too shabby at all!)

We also stopped off at Union Square & on our travels, we somehow stumbled upon NYU. The only reason I really knew of NYU was from my addiction to Gossip Girl, so it was cool to actually see one of the places from the show in reality. Also, a friend of mine told me that you can take a 3 hour “Gossip Girl Tour” around the city…how frickin cool is that?! They bring you around to all the places on the show…I know it sounds beyond cheesy, but I am DEFINITELY doing it before I leave :)

We also went to the meatpacking district which was amazing. There’s a really cool area called “The Highline”, which is like a park above the district. You can look down on everything which is going on & is definitely the perfect place to relax on a sunny evening. This part of the city is known for really nice bars & restaurants & it’s somewhere I plan on spending a lot of time this Summer :) Below are some snaps of the view from the Highline…
Today then, we went to Madison Square Park & got some delicious crepes at the food market which was taking place there. It was another scorching day here in NY, so it was so nice to just relax there in the sun for a while. 
Madison Square Park
Here is what I was wearing – the skirt is from Forever 21 & the floral top is from Miss Selfridge. I got this black bag in Penneys/Primark for €5 just before I came over & it has been the handiest bag ever -it fits so much ! 
So I hoped you’ve liked this little update anyway. I can’t believe I’ve almost been here a week already, the time is really flying. Once I complete some full days at my internship, I’m going to do a post fully dedicated to that with pictures & an idea of what I’ve been doing. So look out for that one :)
Also, if any of you have been to New York or if you live here, I’d love to hear any recommendations that you have about nice places to visit, eat, shop, etc?
Hope you all have a nice weekend !
Stylishly yours,
Erika x

  1. Ciara

    1 June

    Coney Island is definitely worth a visit! They make amazing hotdogs and have one of the worlds’ oldest roller coasters (which is wooden and kinda painful!). The zoo in the Bronx is cool. There’s an amazing and authentic Indian restaurant in Jackson Heights in Queens that does an all you can eat buffet. Also Lucky Chengs is a transvestite karaoke bar that is hilarious and so much. Enjoy NY :-)

  2. Lia

    1 June

    Amazing Erika! All so exciting and FASHION WEEK eeek!! xxx

  3. Nicola

    1 June

    Thats so exciting, good look on your intern! NEW YORK FASHION WEEK! you lucky lady!

  4. Zoë

    1 June

    Well jealous. I love the colour of that skirt too. And I definitely would not be paying inflated prices in Topshop, seeing as american stores tend to do the same to us, :P

  5. Holly

    1 June

    Wow, looks amazing! definitely worth doing the gossip girl tour, I’d say it’s weird seeing places that you’ve only seen on a television screen, outfits look brill! enjoy the rest of your summer there. Can’t wait for more posts on New York, your work, and the places around you xx

  6. Misseblog

    1 June

    Wow, looks fab! Hope you enjoy the rest of the time, lovely outfits xx

  7. The Gossip Girl tour sounds pretty cool! Loving the gold skirt =)


  8. Mila

    1 June

    Amazing pics

  9. Maggie ☮

    1 June

    That looks amazing! =] Looks like you are still having a lot of fun in the city! That is exciting =]

  10. Oh my God, if/when I ever go to NY, I am going on that Gossip Girl tour! So addicted to that show! :)

  11. Girl it looks amazing and you haven’t even been there a week! And NYFW….gahhhhh, supremely jealous xx

  12. I love both the outfits, especially the purple skirt! That bakery does look so cute too, I am extremely jealous that you might be at NYFW, that will be amazing!

    Julia x

  13. wow Erika – congrats !!! New York is looking great in your photos! Have a blast girl xx

  14. Nathalia

    2 June

    I really like your purple skirt and what you’re wearing on the last photo!
    Nice pictures.

  15. jimmi lou

    4 June

    Sounds like you are getting on fabulously and I would expect nothing less! TOTALLY do the Gossip Girl tour, that would be amazing! Currently day dreaming about my NY trip, whenever it becomes possible that is!

  16. Wow! very nice pictures.

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