New York here I come!

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Skirt – New Look
Galaxy Jacket – Sugarlips
Sunglasses – Filthy Magic
Spike Necklace – Topshop (sale)

So happy I found time to do one last look before I leave. I’ve been dying to properly show you this galaxy jacket from SugarLips. I posted a picture on my Instagram (@retroflame) a while back, but it’s only now that I’m getting a chance to do an outfit post with it. It’s the cutest little jacket & I absolutely love the print. I saw a girl on wearing it one day while I was browsing in the library & I literally just ordered it straight away. As you may have guessed, it’s in the suitcase for New York :) The skirt is from New Look,  I bought it in January….& I think this is the first time I have actually worn it. I am such a disaster ! I wasn’t sure if I was totally mad about it because the material is really heavy, but I really like the way it has turned out styled with this jacket. The necklace is from a recent Topshop sale & the glasses, which you have seen me wear loads before, are from Filthy Magic. Hope you like :)
So…..tomorrow is the big day -I’m off the New York !! I’m not going to lie, I’ve had butterflies in my stomach for the last few days…I’m a little bit nervous about the whole thing but also SO SO EXCITED :) I’m flying really early in the morning & I honestly don’t think I’ll be getting much sleep tonight ! My bags are pretty much packed at this stage (Thank God)….& I think everything else is sorted too. There’s so many forms, documents, etc. to bring too, so I’m really worried that I’ve forgotten something…but fingers crosses I haven’t. It was seriously difficult deciding what clothes to leave behind in the end, I just kept telling myself that I’ll be buying things there so that has been a little help. I’m visiting the office where I’ll be interning on Monday…I cannot wait ! I’ll be taking loads of pics for the first few days anyway, so I’ll have loads to show you & hopefully some outfit posts too.
Yesterday, I reached over 50,000 views on my blog !! – I honestly can’t say thank you enough to all of you who read this little blog of mine. When I started it first day, I never imagined it would ever do this well & I really have enjoyed the experience so far. So thank you so much :) While I’m in NYC, I’ll be updating my Facebook Page & Twitter really often because it will be the easiest for me, so feel free to like/follow to see what I get up to :) I’ve packed loads & loads of business cards, so I’m really going to try my best to make the most out of this Summer. I’m so lucky to have this opportunity & I really am going to make the most out of every minute I am there. So wish me luck guys & stay tuned for all the posts from the Big Apple :)
Have a fab weekend !
Stylishly yours,
Erika x

  1. Love that jacket it’s amazing! Good luck in NYC how exciting xx

  2. I love your sunnies and jacket!
    Good luck in New York it sounds amazing!
    Claudia xxx

  3. LolaDee

    24 May

    Good luck lady xo


  4. Yasmin;

    24 May

    have an amazing timeeee; your skirt is bloody gorgeous xx

  5. Love your jacket! have an amazing summer! xx

  6. Sarah

    24 May

    lovely skirt :)

  7. The jacket is lush, have a nice time! <3

  8. LOVE the jacket! and if you’d like any advice on where to go/eat while in NYC I’d be glad to give you advice!

    XO Sahra

  9. xchristybx

    24 May

    amazing jacket, love the print and shape!
    good luck in NYC, hope you have an epic time! x

  10. Ellie

    24 May

    I love that skirt, it looks amazing teamed with your jacket! That skirt has been so hard to find been searching for it everywhere! Have a good time in NYC xo

  11. Best of Luck in NYC! You’re going to have an amazing summer!! Btw love the jacket and the shades are very cool!


  12. That jacket is amazing, and I hope you have a great time in new york, I’m very jealous! x

  13. Kaitlin

    25 May

    new york is amazing, i promise you will love it and meet so many wonderful people.
    i can’t wait to follow your instagrams through the big apple.
    i’m not even going and i’m excited.
    i wish you the bestest of luck(:

    xo kaitlin

  14. Olivia

    25 May

    That jacket is amazing :)

  15. Zoë

    25 May

    Good luck!! Envious isn’t the word! They’ll go mad for you over there :)

  16. Helen

    25 May

    Such a beautiful outfit, the jacket is incredible! GOOD LUCK and have an amazing time in New York!

  17. Misseblog

    25 May

    Gorgeous outfit x

  18. Maggie ☮

    25 May

    That is absolutely amazing congratulations and good luck on your summer endeavors <3

  19. Nathalia

    26 May

    Wauw I really like your jacket!!
    Good luck in New York and what and lots of fun!

  20. Caitlin

    26 May

    This outfit is fantastic :) The jacket and skirt work so well together! Have a great time in New York!

  21. Charlotte

    26 May

    this outfit is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo gorgeous, love the sunglasses! ♥

  22. jimmi lou

    27 May

    You look lovely, that jacket is amazing! Have a fab time I’m sure you will, looking forward to seeing how you get on!

    joanne from

  23. Löni

    14 March

    OOOHHH i love your ginger-hair :DD I’m a gingaaa too hahahah^^;)
    Hope you will visit my blog! xxx

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