Competition WINNER !

And the Winner is……
Congratulations Sarah ! Thanks so much to everyone who entered & I’m so happy to welcome all the new “likers” to my Facebook Page. While I’m in New York this Summer, as I probably won’t have time to blog everyday, I’ll definitely be updating my Retro Flame Facebook Page very often instead. It’ll allow me to keep you all updated on everything I’m getting up to :) I also want to give a big thanks once again to Josie & Tara from Mon Amie for collaborating with Retro Flame by offering the amazing tshirt. I’m so thrilled with the response this competition received so I will definitely be having more in the future. 
Can’t believe it’s Friday again already, time is going WAY too fast at the moment. Here are some images I’ve found & gathered this week so I said I’d share them with you on this lovely sunny Friday…

Happy Friday everyone !
Stylishly yours,
Erika x

  1. Alexxander

    12 May

    lovely pics


  2. Charlotte

    13 May

    awesome pics! ♥

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