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 As I mentioned briefly in my last post, I attended my first ever bloggers meeting on Thursday in Galway. The whole event was organised by Ciara O doherty from Wild Child Stories Blog & was so so enjoyable & such a great success. On the day, there were about 15 bloggers along with some girls filming & documenting the whole thing in the House Hotel, Galway….(such an AMAZING hotel). Below are some pics of just some of the attendees on the day.

Some of the fab bloggers who attended
 It was so great to finally meet all the bloggers which we each interact with so much on a day-to-day basis online …& who knew there were so many of us in Galway!? It was my very first time meeting Aisling from Walking Primrose, Jesse from The Style Notorious & Emma from Gach Rud Emma & they were all so lovely so I’d definitely recommend you to check out their blogs. 
Some of the girls looking gorgeous :)

 Everyone looked so lovely on the day & I was delighted that I managed to get a quick picture of Lia, from Rags and Retrospect. I adored her collar that she did a little bit of DIY on ! If you read my blog on a regular basis, you’ll know of my obsession with collars & anything DIY….& Lia perfected it with this plain white shirt she got in the Mens section in Penneys. Sorry that the pictures aren’t the best quality, I was just using my compact camera as I left my SLR in Kerry :( But hopefully you can see the detail OK.

Lia Stokes

DIY collar
A quick snap of my outfit (using instagram). Embellished collar from Mon Amie 
We are planning on having a meeting once a month from now on & also Ciara has set up a facebook group for us….so it’s onwards & upwards from here :) I’ll keep you all updated on future happenings…& of course, if you are a Galway blogger or know of anyone who wasn’t at the meeting just leave the link to the blog in the comments below and I’ll get you joined up straight away.

Have a great weekend :)

Stylishly yours,

Erika x

  1. Olivia E

    14 January

    I love the leopard skirt! <3

  2. Emma C

    14 January

    Lovely post! it was so great meeting you in person :) I love your collar, it’s amazing! didn’t realise Lia’s shirt was DIY it’s so pretty x

  3. awe thats such a fab idea !! you all look amazing. thanks for the mention on the collar Erika hun. your the best :) xxx

    • Erika Fox

      15 January

      Awh thanks Josie hun….we’ll have to organize a Kerry one, ha :)
      No prob at all.. xx

  4. Jesse May Fisher

    14 January

    LOve both your collars, nice pics xx

  5. Blau von T

    14 January

    loving the style ladies x

  6. tao.owl

    14 January

    Wow, that sounds like so much fun and you all looked fabulous!

    • Erika Fox

      15 January

      It was a great day :)
      I’m following your blog now dear xx

  7. ss fashion world

    15 January

    You are all so cute :)
    Thank you for following me, now Im following you back :)

  8. Cathy

    15 January

    I like your outfit the best. So cute. (:

    • Erika Fox

      15 January

      Awh thanks Cathy….you’re so sweet :)

  9. fashionvent

    25 April

    Hey Erica.
    I’ve just been looking back over your blog.. It must seem like I’ve been stalking your blog lately but I’ve just set up my new blog and yours is one of my favourites. It has been slow to start off and I kinda wanted to see how you got yous off the ground, probably as an incentive to not give up on mine :) .. I was just wondering if you and the other bloggers in Galway still meet up because I don’t know any other bloggers, or anyone as passionate about fashion as I am, which makes having a blog kinda hard when no one wants to listen to all your rants about upcoming plans :P Anyway, I’d love to join you for a meeting if you have another :)

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