DIY: Studs & Denim

DIY: Studs & Denim

This little DIY project is something I’ve wanted to do for ages & ages because I literally was so sick of seeing this denim jacket sit in my wardrobe & being the hoarder that I am, I refused to throw it away (or anything else for that matter). So I finally got a chance during the week to give it a new lease of life & I’m delighted at how it turned out ! A little effort goes a long way these days & wearing something which I (sorta/kinda) made myself is actually so so cool :) So below are a few pics to see how I changed it up….

As it was a Topshop Jacket which I bought about a million years ago, I just couldn’t throw it away.

I made a little bracelet (which I’m going to stud when I get more) from the sleeve….really cute little trick.

So easy to make any unwanted jacket into a vest.

I started by studding the pockets…the studs I got from ebay were quite big so it didn’t take too long at all.

I just put a few studs on the collar too.

It’s pretty easy to get these studs on & they make such a difference don’t they?

I put a few along the back too
I added the pearl to the bow & just sewed it onto the back -loving bows at the moment.
I had a few studs left over so I added them to the back of my favourite shorts….

Really happy with the end result & can’t wait to order some more studs from ebay to fix up a few more things I have hidden in the wardrobe. I also did a bit of DIY on some shirts during the week so stay tuned to see how they turned out…I’ll have the pictures up during the week & will be featuring them in some outfit posts.
Hope you all have a fab weekend :)

Stylishly yours,

Erika x

  1. Pip

    7 January

    Super cute idea! I love how you cut off the sleeves and added studs! Great way to hoard, but change up the look entirely! Nice post! xx


  2. Emma C

    7 January

    That’s so cool erika! love it! x

  3. Sophie

    7 January

    Ahhh I love them! Inspired me to start rooting through my wardrobe to see what I can stud!

  4. @pandora

    7 January

    Very nice tips for Greek people,who can’t afford new clothes!(and not only Greeks!)haha:)Well done

  5. Ciara O

    7 January

    Looks great Erika, love how you’ve revamped it! I cant wait to get my studding on! Ive got a green leather jacket that is just crying out for some! But tell me thins, did you use a machine to stud it or did you do it yourself? Im on the hunt for a studder in galway, and Im thinking ill just have to get it on the net! :D


  6. soffie hicks

    7 January

    It looks so cute with that little bow! x

  7. Really cool ! I should try this ! amazing post, and really great blog :)
    What do you think, of following each other ?

  8. Cathy

    8 January

    What a great idea and it turned out so well; can’t wait to see you wear it. (:

  9. Jesse May Fisher

    11 January

    Aww there lovely, so creative. I made cut offs with my favourite pair of high waisted top shop skinnys and just destroyed them…oops

  10. Lieke Lagas

    18 January

    Aa this is really nice!!!! Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog xoxo

  11. marietales

    18 January

    I like this DIY :)

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