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Hi guys,

Things have been pretty crazy since I returned from Milan, lets just say college isn’t as easy as it’s made out to be around this time of year -that’s for sure ! But I’ve found a sneaky hour away from all the books to finally tell you all about the most amazing weekend I’ve had in a long time. As I mentioned here, I got the opportunity to jet off to Milan last weekend and I certainly survived to tell the tale :)

Vogue Italia
The famous Duomo
I was lucky enough to have 4 whole days in this beautiful city and I ensured that I made the most out of every second. I shopped til I dropped (quite literally), sipped crazily expensive cocktails and explored the amazing Milanese sights. It is one of those cities where you could sit in a little cafe down a beautiful side-street and just watch the world pass by. People-watching at its best I tell you. Watching the women of Milan pass in their designer (all-black) outfits, with their perfect hair & skin and carrying Chanel shopping bags which were nearly the same size as myself was definitely an experience. An experience which brought out, of course, a feeling of jealousy, but also made me sit there and feel absolutely amazed. The sheer class they convey is really something endearing. From what I’ve mentioned so far, it seems like I spent my whole time sitting down…but I assure you that that was not the case. My poor little feet still aren’t back to normal, ha ! Milan -A city which will certainly test your fitness. Even though it seems to be quite a small city, I felt that every day I was seeing something completely new ! One of my favorite places was the, “Quadridatero de d’oro”, a part of Milan which boasts designer stores at it’s best.

As I’m not in any way a designer girl (& oh yeah I don’t have money to burn), I gladly window shopped as I strolled down this street. However, one can’t go to Milan and come home empty-handed so off I went in search of some Milanese vintage. I must admit though, that this wasn’t the easiest of tasks and as I said before my poor feet are paying for it now. But wow!… it was so so worth it. After a trek and half I found my heaven on earth, “Cavalli e Nastri”, THE most amazing vintage store I have ever seen. Now this wasn’t your usual vintage store full of 80’s sparkles, no, this was proper proper vintage. I’m talking vintage Chanel, Versace, Hermes, etc. Now, I know I said before that I’m not someone who would ever buy designer, I’d just feel too guilty. But vintage designer clothes are a whole other story. Just imagine their history !

The detail in this dress is exquisite.

Such a striking coat in person !

My favorite ! But with a price tag of  €1200, it unfortunately was not coming home wit me :(

So because of the price tags, unfortunately, I didn’t purchase anything form this most beautiful store, but I loved every single second being in there. The owner was so nice and had no problem at all with me taking a few snaps. But my travels didn’t stop there and I managed to find 2 more much less expensive vintage stores…..& yes, I did purchase. I found the most amazing floor-length vintage dress for €40 !! I’ll be posting some pics next week along with some other cool items I bought, so stay tuned.
Oh & I nearly forgot…I managed to do some outfit posts :) There were so many locations around the city which acted as such beautiful backgrounds for photos & on the very last day we found the nicest little park covered in leaves (and I mean covered!).
For those of you on Lookbook, you can hype this look here :)
Overall, I genuinely loved it all -the people, the pasta, the Prada shoes. I’m so so grateful for getting the chance to visit & I hope to go back in the very near future. I’ll be posting again very soon about that amazing vintage dress I mentioned and I also have one or two more outfit posts to show you.
Hope you’ve all had a great weekend !

Stylishly yours,

Erika x

  1. nené

    13 November

    really nice look!
    i follow you
    kisses from BARCELONA!

    follow each other?

  2. Erika Fox

    13 November

    Thank you so much Nene !
    Yes, of course, I will follow you now xx

  3. Nathalie

    14 November

    you’re beautiful! :)
    What a nice look!

    Hope, you’ll participate in my giveaway!! :)


    fashion is for idiots [like us]
    fashion is for idiots [like us]

  4. Erika Fox

    14 November

    Thanks so much Nathalie :)
    Just followed your blog and have entered the competition…fingers crossed :)

    Erika xx

  5. Dominika

    15 November

    lovely pics!

    Fashion Philosophy

  6. Erika Fox

    16 November

    Thanks Dominika :)
    Just followed your blog xx

  7. Katrina,

    23 November

    The blue blouse is beautiful!


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