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It’s taken me quite a while to begin this post, mainly because it is one I cannot believe I’m writing. Last Friday, November 25th, my beautiful friend, Stephanie, passed away very suddenly. It has been a very tough few days for friends, family and anyone who knew this amazing girl….But now I want to dedicate a very special post to a very stylish friend, who will never be forgotten. 

It’s not very often that someone like Stephanie comes into your life -someone so stunning, friendly & thoughtful. So I really can’t begin to explain how grateful I am of all the memories she has left me with. Over the past few days, we have sat around together & reminisced about all the amazing times we had with our friend, all the times that she made us laugh until the point that we felt sick in our stomachs & all the times she was able to light up any room she entered.

Like me, she had a love for fashion. Out of everyone who I’ve crossed paths with in life so far, she was the most color-coordinated individual I’ve yet to meet. She always wore such vibrant and playful colors which were an exact representation of her wonderful personality. For as long as I can remember, she was the friend that as soon as there was a mention of a night out, she would be the first to quiz everyone about what they were wearing. Her attention to detail meant she was always the one who looked effortlesly stunning. The video below is proof of this :)

This whole experience has thought us about the importance of friendship & that silly little grudges and fights should be something which do not have an importance in our lives. Instead, we should appreciate every single friend we have because at the end of the day, they are our truest treasures. As this beautiful quote says: “Many people will walk in and out of your life; but only true friends will leave footprints in your heart”.

Steph, you were one of those true friends. You had a heart of gold & you can be sure that you and your, “matching”, ways will never be forgotten:)

Rest in Peace xx

  1. Vicki

    1 December

    aw Im so sorry for your loss… my thoughts are with you and her family. how very sad…xx

  2. Erika Fox

    1 December

    Thank you Vicki <3 x

  3. Jennifer

    2 December

    I am so sorry :'( She seemed like an absolutely wonderful girl, rest in peace Stephanie <3

  4. Erika Fox

    2 December

    She was really wonderful :) thanks jennifer x

  5. Sophianne

    2 December

    i did Irish Dancing with her when i was younger although i didnt know her personally.. i really looked up to her when i was younger, she was one the ‘big cool girls’.. she went to my school and i saw her at youth club about a year ago.. What a beautiful girl, i can see she will be sadly missed.. RIP:'( x <3

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