Blue Coat + Black Accessories

Givenchy Antigona - Patent Boots

I had yet another wardrobe clear out here in New York last weekend and when it came to this bright blue coat, I must admit I was VERY close to adding it to my Depop pile. The girls and I always joke that New York has literally turned us all anti-ANY kind of bright colour and 90% of the time, you’ll see me in nearly all black. But I just couldn’t let this one go.

5 Reasons Why I’m Learning to Love Fitness


A few weeks before Christmas, after getting extremely fed up of being constantly tired, I decided it was time to make a change. It was time to re-introduce some sort of fitness back into my daily routine. I can now honestly say, it’s one of the best things I’ve done in a long time and there are 5 main reasons why…

New In: The Adidas Superstar

Adidas Superstar - Fashion Sneakers

It took me a long long time to decide whether I liked the Adidas Superstar or not (and also whether I was even remotely cool enough to wear them – which I’m probably not but hey, whatever) but I finally bit the bullet and got a pair…

Weekend Ski Trip at Hunter Mountain

Weekend Ski Trip at Hunter Mountain

Happy Monday everyone! I got back to the city (to mountains of snow) last night after an absolutely amazing weekend ski trip at Hunter Mountain. Hunter Mountain is a Ski Resort in Upstate New York and is only about 2 hours drive from Manhattan. Skiing was something I have always wanted to try (plus it was on my 2016 bucket list) so when the gang here in New York suggested we look into organizing a trip, I was 100% in. ..

Black & White Collar Dress

Black & White Collar Dress - Wallis Petite Dress

You guys will have seen me wear this black & white collar dress while I was at home over Christmas and I can honestly say I’ve worn it so much more since I’ve come back to New York. It’s not only the perfect dress for work, it’s also so easily dressed up. I really do feel that this is the kind of piece that you could have forever…

Ireland Travel Guide : Weekend in Killarney

Weekend in Killarney - Best things to do in Killarney - Killarney Hotels

Being from Ireland, I sometimes take it for granted and without even realizing, forget to give it enough credit here on my blog. So although I’m now based here in NYC, a goal of mine for 2016 is to showcase more of our beautiful country through this new ‘Ireland Travel Guide’ series. I’m hoping that my international readers will love this idea (and maybe give you the motivation to visit) and I’m also hoping that it will give my Irish readers the nudge to explore more of the absolutely amazing places that are right on our doorstep…

My Winter Uniform + Weekend Recap


I’m pretty sure I’ve developed my Winter uniform, without even realizing it. I’ve been living in chunky knitwear and leather pants and I don’t think this will be changing anytime soon. If you’ve been following along on snapchat (retroflame1) and Instagram (@retroflame) the last few days, you’ll know that…


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