Leather & Lace Skirt

Leather & Lace Skirt

Yesterday’s look in the sauna that is NYC. Wow, it is hot! Hence why I quickly shot these photos in a very shaded corner. Since I found this leather & lace skirt a few weeks ago, I literally have not stopped wearing it…

Why I Love Blogging


Often, I get asked what my favourite part of blogging is & if I’m honest, there are a million & one aspects I truly love. The opportunities it brings with it, the creativity & planning, the ways in which I can work with some of my favourite brands, but the most important reason of all is…

White on White Summer Outfit


My past dislike for white jeans has definitely turned a corner. I now cannot stop wearing them. White on white is a combo I don’t wear very often but when I do it totally reminds me that I should do it more often…

#FaceForward: Advice To My Future Self

Clinique #FaceForward

Since moving to New York last September, life seemed to get a lot crazier than I ever could have imagined. Of course, I expected all the craziness that goes hand-in-hand with New York City, but it’s only when you are right bang in the middle of it all that you realize just how fast-paced your life has become…

@retroflame Instagram Outfits


Hello hello! Hope you all had a great weekend? I wanted to do a quick post today with details about some recent outfits I’ve featured on my @retroflame Instagram. Often when I post these ‘Insta Outfits’ you guys ask me where certain pieces are from and so I wanted to explain a cool way you can find out…

Best things to do in New York in the Summer

Best things to do in New York in the Summer

If at any stage, you’re bored in New York…you’re definitely doing something wrong! The list of things to do, restaurants to try, people to meet is absolutely endless and even more so in the Summer…

Flared Sleeve Dress

Flare Sleeve Dress

When I spotted this dress online, I initially wondered if it was a little too OTT for New York? Not that it’s even an over-the-top dress but I just wondered if maybe it was too girly or not ‘chic’ enough. Sounds crazy to even think along those lines, I know, but…


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