Khaki Coat

Khaki Coat - New York Style

It's been a while since I've really loved a trend, but the time has most definitely come. I am 100% obsessed with all things Khaki...

The Investment.

The Investment - Designer Handbags - Monnier Freres

After a lot of hard work these past few months, I’ve decided to treat myself. Often, we’re so busy focusing on how far we’ve left to go, or what else we need to achieve that we completely forget to take a step back and give ourselves a little pat on the back to celebrate just how far we’ve come...

Fringe & Friends

Fringe & Friends - West Village Sundays - New York

I have a new found obsession with anything khaki green, suede or covered in Fringe. I just can't get enough! I have a list a mile long of pieces I want to invest in for the season ahead, but in the meantime, I raided my wardrobe to see what I already had...


AQUA - Faux Fur Jacket - New York

Happy Sunday! When I spotted this faux fur jacket, I just couldn't resist. I feel like my style has definitely got a lot more simplified in the last six months, but I still love a statement piece from time to time. Plus I LOVE this aqua colour...

Rose Gold Shoes

Rose Gold - Upper East Side - New York

"There are so many beautiful reasons to be happy." One of the main ones being...

Why I love being Irish in New York

Why I love being Irish in New York - St. Patrick's Day

Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone! It took me a while to decide what type of post I was going to do today but in the end I decided that I wanted to share two things...


Catch Up - @retroflame Instagram - New York

Happy Sunday everyone! It's been a while since I've done a post like this, so I felt it was time for a quick little Catch-Up. Living in New York can be quite crazy so sometimes I forget to show or tell you guys certain things...


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