Grey Knit

Grey Knit - Weekend Outfit - NYC Winter Style

You'll know from my last post that yesterday was a Snow Day here in New York but today, NYC is back to normal and back to reality...

Snow Day in NYC!

Snow Day - Blizzard of 2015 - New York

Ok so I've finally experienced my first 'proper' snow day...& it did not disappoint!

Flame Favourites, No.2

Flame Favourites - NYC Favourites - Retro Flame

Hey everyone, happy Monday! Unless you've been living under rock, you've probably heard that there's a big blizzard/storm on it's way to us here in New York tonight...

Vintage Touch

Vintage Touch - Faux Fur Coat - NYC Style

I definitely felt a little teddy-bear-like wearing this faux fur vintage coat from Miss Daisy Blue (in Cork) - but I just love it! I found it nearly a year ago but yesterday was my first time wearing it...

Electric Blue on Park Ave

Electric Blue - Park Ave - NYC Style

If there's one colour I wear A LOT of here in New York it is, undoubtedly, black. And trust me I'm not alone. But my favourite pop of colour to add in is definitely electric blue. It's always been one of my favourite colours to wear and I was so happy to spot this blue jumper in...

Winter Layering

Winter Layering - Faux Fur Stole - NYC Winter Style

There's no doubt about it, January in New York city is COLD! New Yorkers are pros when it comes to Winter layering and I can definitely see why...

Flame Favourites, No.1

Flame Favourites 1 - Weekend Reading - Retro Flame

Happy weekend everyone! Each week, I spent lots of time (too much really) browsing the net...and bookmarking interesting articles, new Instagram accounts, good sale finds, cool NYC spots & more! So I figured why not start a new feature where I can share these finds with you too...


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